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Primo Chalk – A Better Chalk That’s Better for You

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Product Description

High performance lifting & climbing chalk with essential oils and epsom salt – Made for athletes like you

Healthy skin – solid grip – naturally antibacterial with no harmful Chemicals

How is Primo different?

We start with clean magnesium carbonate. Then we mix in five essential oils and epsom salt. These ingredients and our mixing process create primo lifting and rock climbing chalk that’s like nothing else.
..Why does this matter?
This matters because it makes Primo naturally antibacterial and last longer than you’re used to. You get consistent grip and your skin stays in great shape – all while using & costing you less over time.

How it works

Primo’s super fine texture is like nothing else.  It gets into all the crevices on your hands and stays put – which means you use a whole lot less.  This saves money – even compared to cheap chalk. Primo’s essential oil blend (also know as “thieves oil”) kills staph and other harmful bad guys that live in the gym and darn near everywhere else. Epsom salt and essential oils together reduce callus build up and will protect your hands from dryness, cracking and tears.
The science and safety
Did you know there were NO standards in place in the US for athletic chalk?  We consulted with experts in diverse fields & actually had to create a new safety standard for athletic chalk. There’s no such thing as “pure” chalk.  All brands contain mostly magnesium carbonate and are made up of other minerals, like calcium carbonate.  What you don’t want is toxic stuff . Primo Chalk is free from any heavy metals (like lead) and dioxins (poisons).  We use an established laboratory to chemically test our materials to ensure your safety.  Further, none of our ingredients contain gluten or fillers.

Primo Chalk Balls are very easy to refill

How to refill

Slide the push button closure away from the pouch and open the pouch. Use a table spoon or protien powder scooper to fill the pouch until you’re satisfied. Slide the the closure back toward the pouch to close it up tightly.

Why refill?

It takes less time to refill your ball then it does to order a new one.  Refilling saves you a lot – several dollars per refill actually!  It also means less packaging waste.  We recommend grabbing a 6oz of loose Primo to keep around for refills.  This way you won’t run out.

Use our 6oz bag as a SUPER COST EFFECTIVE way to refill your Primo Chalk Ball.

You could also just dip into the resealable bag. Remember, a little Primo goes a long way and a pinch will do fine for an entire session. This bag contains 6oz of loose Primo Chalk and refills our chalk ball up to 3 times. It is resealable and is airtight.


Loved by climbers and lifters around the world.   The Primo Chalk Ball gives the perfect amount every time quickly and easily with as little mess as possible.  Drop a couple into your chalk bucket.  It fits perfectly into a chalk bag. It’s very easy to refill with it’s push button closer and elastic draw chord.

The famous 1lb or 5lb Primo red bucket.

Use just a little and don’t be a chalk monster (newb that uses to much and makes a mess). A little Primo goes a long way and a pinch will do fine.   This bucket contains 1lb or 5lb of loose Primo Chalk.   For the 1lb, the chalk is contained in a plastic bag inside the bucket. The 1lb bucket is not airtight. The 5lb is air tight and has no inner bag.

LASTS 5 TO 7 TIMES AS LONG with less than you are used to
SUSTAINABLY SOURCED AND TRUSTED in NFL and NCAA weight rooms and by elite climbers worldwide
ESSENTIAL OILS your condition skin and provide natural protection against tearing and dryness common from plain weight lifting chalk
DRAMATICALLY IMPROVES GRIP with fine grind gym chalk and high grade natural epsom salts
NATURALLY ANTIBACTERIAL So you can feel safe using shared gym equipment

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Primo Chalk – A Better Chalk That’s Better for You


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